Artist Residency Presentations

The Same Shirt Show Part 2, Beckett Without Beckett

10 Directors. 10 Hours. 10 New Work-In-Progress Showings.

The Same Shirt Show Part 2, Beckett Without Beckett: 'An Exploration of Masculinity and Existentialism Inspired by the Themes and Works of Beckett, but Containing No Actual Beckett, We Swear'  is partvaudevillian, part existential cry for help, and part genuine exploration ofgender, camaraderie, and loneliness. Sequel to TheSame Shirt Show: 'An Exploration of Masculinity in the Western Canon, AsPerformed by Two Women Wearing the Same Shirt,' Beckett Without Beckett isdevised by Emma Rosa Went, Julia Larsen, and Olivia Rose Barresi.

The First Stage Festival is where new work takes its first steps. 10 directors will have 10 hours to focus, manifest, and present a particular moment or element of a new work for an audience. 10 work-in-progress showings will provide glimpses into the future of the American Theater. 





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When & Where

Drama League Theater Center
Friday, August 9
8:00 PM