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The Fossett Family (working title)
The Fossett Family (working title)

10 Directors. 10 Hours. 10 New Work-In-Progress Showings.

The Fossett Family (working title)
 is based on thetrue story of Joseph and Edith Fossett's life. Following Thomas Jefferson'sdeath in 1826, Joseph Fossett became a free man, one of five persons freed fromslavery by the terms of Jefferson's will. However, his wife Edith and their 10children were put up for sale with the rest of Jefferson's"belongings" to pay off his sizable debt. The play follows their journeythat tests their strength of will, family bond, and what they will risk toreunite.

The First Stage Festival is where new work takes its first steps. 10 directors will have 10 hours to focus, manifest, and present a particular moment or element of a new work for an audience. 10 work-in-progress showings will provide glimpses into the future of the American Theater. 


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