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Text Analysis for Directors
Text Analysis for Directors

In this hands-on seminar designed for early-career directors, actors who are interested in directing, and working directors who are looking to refresh their process, participants will develop their own rigorous approach to effectively analyze scripts and articulating their vision. Using Seamus Heaney's translation of Antigone (The Burial at Thebes) as the source text, the workshop will explore concepts of event, main dramatic question, objectives, obstacles, dramatic structure and defining the world of the play. In the second part of the seminar, participants will put their analysis into action, staging a scene with professional actors to experiment with the impact their choices make in creating clear storytelling.

Moving from analysis to interpretation, directors will practice the elements of a great pitch and have the opportunity to pitch a production and receive individual feedback.

Participants – will have the opportunity to work with the actors during the text analysis workshop and will have the chance to pitch and receive feedback. 

Observers – will have the opportunity to observe the participants working with the actors during the text analysis workshop. Observers will not have the opportunity to pitch and receive feedback. 


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