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Share Location
Share Location

10 Directors. 10 Hours. 10 New Work-In-Progress Showings.

Share Location uses the language of texts, tweets, status updates, listicles, news videos, clickbait vlogs, app notifications, blog posts, voicemails, emails, phone calls, and chat threads all across many platforms and timelines to create a tapestry of online content quilted together to show the story of a group of people play out over time. The characters' online footprints are never spoken aloud, but they all are speaking from somewhere where they feel alone, reaching out into a void, hoping to connect. 

The First Stage Festival is where new work takes its first steps. 10 directors will have 10 hours to focus, manifest, and present a particular moment or element of a new work for an audience. 10 work-in-progress showings will provide glimpses into the future of the American Theater. 


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