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Rough Draft: ROKERA
Rough Draft: ROKERA
Friday May 27th, 7pm

Written by Fernanda Coppel and Tatiana Suarez-Pico
Directed by Estefania Fadul
Brooklyn-born Lulu, Mickey, and Bella want to be superstars, but they also want to go to college, and date, and go crazy because that's what you do when you're 18. When Lulu's mom decides to go back to her native Colombia for mysterious reasons, Lulu's world is turned upside down. Mickey and Bella come to Lulu's aid, but soon they're facing problems of their own. Rokera is about growing up and growing tough in the face of adversity; a transformative rock musical.

What Is Rough Draft?
Curated by Michael Goldfried, Rough Draft allows directors to explore the earliest developmental stages of working on a new play, musical or devised project in a one-day residency in The Drama League Theater Center.
Rough Draft is a process. It begins with up to eight hours of collaborative exploration of a conceptual approach to a play and is immediately followed by an informal and lively showing of the work done that day, inviting the audience into a conversation as creative partners. Rough Draft is not a play reading. It's a moment for a director and their collaborators to joyfully dive into the work and make discoveries; then share it with the Drama League community for input and feedback.

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