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Every Hour/Chekhov in 8
Every Hour/Chekhov in 8

10 Directors. 10 Hours. 10 New Work-In-Progress Showings.

Overa nine span, Anton Chekhov found a humiliating start as a playwright, lived ina penal colony, and watched his brother succumb to tuberculosis—all in the shadowof his own fatal disease. Personal correspondences from these years open awindow into Chekhov’s own positive life view and its inextricable relationshipwith death and creativity. Part verbatim play. Part experiment.
 EveryHour/Chekhovin 8 uses Chekhov’s words to displace his identity andideas. What does the title “creative genius” really mean during the 20thcentury?

The First Stage Festival is where new work takes its first steps. 10 directors will have 10 hours to focus, manifest, and present a particular moment or element of a new work for an audience. 10 work-in-progress showings will provide glimpses into the future of the American Theater. 


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