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Generative Lab with Urban Bush Women
The Generative Lab is an immersive learning environment that combines Urban Bush Women's deep investigative research and embodied practice. The workshop will begin with an embodied warm-up and vocal warm-up, to guide us into research prompts that will allow us to formulate how we investigate, probe and interrogate our body knowledge for movement information. We will use improvisational practices that lead to uncovering our individual and unique approach to art-making, and take a deep dive together to ignite our ability to be bold, courageous and bodacious in our art-making. This workshop is open to everyone, not only dancers. Please wear comfortable clothing. 

Urban Bush Women
UBW galvanizes artists, activists, audiences and communities through performances, artist development, education and community engagement. With the ground-breaking performance ensemble at its core, ongoing initiatives like the Summer Leadership Institute (SLI), BOLD (Builders, Organizers & Leaders through Dance) and the developing Choreographic Center, UBW continues to affect the overall ecology of the arts by promoting artistic legacies; projecting the voices of the under-heard and people of color; bringing attention to and addressing issues of equity in the dance field and throughout the United States; and by providing platforms and serving as a conduit for culturally and socially relevant experimental art makers.

9/15/2018 11:00 AM
Intimacy Direction for Directors, Actors, & Stage Managers
An introduction to the discipline of Intimacy Direction with Claire Warden, an international leader of the movement. Learn about consensual based working and consent practices, creating and containing chemistry, and open and empowering communication. Actors will learn to understand, communicate and advocate for their and their scene partners respect and safety and how to create authentic and specific stories of intimacy. Directors will learn how to facilitate an equitable, safe and creative environment for intimacy work and effective communication of their vision and will explore the creative possibilities of the specificity of physical storytelling. Stage managers will learn how to hold and maintain an equitable, safe and creative environment for intimacy work, notation of intimacy choreography and protocols and procedures for intimacy work. 
10/13/2018 11:00 AM

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